Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello friends!

We are back!! Although the server is not completely up, we have begun podcasting! A new method we have discovered is to share our show over PodOmatic which has the ability of subscribing to our show and receiving the new podcasts as the come in! You also can download the show as an MP3 (pretty cool, huh?).

Once again, my biggest apologies for taking so long with this. After scheduled conflicts and with the server still not up and running, we have decided to continue nevertheless. We hope to have the online server up and running soon, and hopefully you can hear us back on DaQube Radio fairly soon!

This show is the first edition of the "2K11 series". A new method of HIGH ENERGY HEROES in which we provide the most enhanced audio as we can for you, the listener. We hope to be able to start enhanced podcasting in which includes hyperlinks, album art, and information for you!

More things coming up, are shown here, all of the ads for HIGH ENERGY events around the world, are included in the HIGH ENERGY HEROES episodes in the 2K11 series. We once again thank you for all of your support throughout our two year journey!


Download this week's show! Artists included are: Rudy & Co, Muriel DacQ, Desireless, Rofo, Ken Laszlo & many more!


Buenas amigos!

Regresamos de nuevo a las mezclas. Aunque nuestro servidor, DaQube, todavia tiene problemas con su nuevo sitio, esperemos estar muy pronto de nuevo sobre la radio en Internet.

Algo nuevo que descubrimos es el "podcasting." Ya puedes descargar los programas como podcasts en tu iTunes por automatico. Asi podras disfrutarlo en tu reproductor favorito MP3.

Mil disculpas de nuevo por tardar meses en traerles nuevas mezclas, pero empezamos el 2011 con nuestra edicion 2K11. Esto es un metodo en cual nosotros te damos las mezclas con la mejor calidad posible por audio. Ya puedes recibir estas mezclas mejores que anteriormente. Esperamos pronto poder a empezar "enhanced podcasting" en cual tus episodios favoritos tengan fotos, links y mucho mas!

Muchas gracias a todos por todo su apoyo en rumbo a nuestro 2ndo aniversario.


Descarga el programa de esta semana aqui. Artistas incluyen: Rudy & Co, Muriel DacQ, Desireless, Rofo, Ken Laszlo y mucho mas!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey there everybody!

Big apologies for not having any new episodes of HIGH ENERGY HEROES aired yet. Our server station DaQube is relocating to a newer, more complex studio and complex broadcasting system from Bakersfield to Los Angeles, CA. It shall be done in the fall, so you won't have long to wait!!

For now, lets start off by apologizing again. There has been no official link out for the CARLOS PEREZ VALENTINE'S DAY show of THE HIGH ENERGY HEROES SHOW. But no biggie, for those who want to finish their collection, here you go!

mediafire link - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Now some brief information on Carlos Perez, the star of this Valetine's Day special. The reason Carlos Perez was picked is because the songs he and Fonny De Wulf did were based on love and targeted the younger audience in the 1980s. As a single man then, Carlos Perez became a sensation from his native Spain, to the Benelux region (where Fonny De Wulf is from) all the way to... you guess it, Mexico!

Carlos Perez became a huge sensation in Mexico that when Discos Musart released his records in Mexico, within a span of two years, he already scored a platinum record for his sales in 1986! His main hit "Las Manos Quietas" is his best known hit to this day, and has been given the re-touch by several latin bands in styles of Merengue, Salsa and Banda; to name a few.

Although this Valentine's Day special does not include his greatest hit, we decided to focus on the B sides of the record "Soltero" as well as "Acercate" which was the Spanish cover of John Sauli's "Tonight Is The Night". His first hit "Poco A Poco" which paved the way for Carlos' success as an Italo Disco musician. Despite all of these hits, there is a B side to the "Acercate" single called "Decidete", a ballad that talks about choosing between your love and someone else with the lovely backing vocals of Miss Samantha Gilles (Let Me Feel It, S.T.O.P. also on Fonny's label.)

After his hits in the mid to late 1980s, Carlos Perez decided to put a hiatus on his solo career and focus on production towards other European artists at the time. Now twenty five years after "Las Manos Quietas" was originally released, Fonny De Wulf and Carlos Perez are at it again, working on Las Manos Quietas 2K10, the newest production and return of Carlos Perez to vocals again!!! Hopefully we are able to get some new material once released from the amazing singer and maybe even an interview! Many more suprises in store!!! For more information on Carlos and what he's been up to, click the picture!

Keep checking back at the HIGH ENERGY HEROES blog, in future posts the Tyrants In Therapy have a new album!! and DJ FLASHBACK and HIGH ENERGY HEROES gives its review, you don't want to miss this!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Here is the HIGH ENERGY HEROES show. It begins with a special mix by DJ FLASHBACK getting ready for the arrival of the TYRANTS IN THERAPY in MEXICO CITY this MAY 29th, 2010. As well as a special mix by the host of it all and one of the most prestigious DJs of the Mexico City High Energy Scene, RUBEN REYNOSO. Be sure to get this while you can, as this is a HIGH ENERGY HEROES EXCLUSIVE!

mediafire link - DOWNLOAD HERE

Please comment on the show, and let us know with problems with downloading so we can get them resolved as soon as possible!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey everyone!

We are proud to announce the arrival of TYRANTS IN THERAPY in MEXICO CITY on MAY 29th, 2010. On the occasion of our good friend, Ruben Reynoso, and his anniversary; he has invited the TYRANTS IN THERAPY to headline his party! With the help of the legendary soundsystem (SONIDO) WINNERS, he will throw the biggest bash MEXICO CITY has never seen before! They will take over the PENTATLON UNIVERSITARIO. Get ready for a night of dance, good music, art and comedy all put together!

Several DJs in the mix include:
Ruben Reynoso
Antonio Winners
Saul Leiden
DJ Kronnos
DJ Chacal

Before the concert, the TYRANTS IN THERAPY have agreed to come on our show to host their TYRANTS IN THERAPY special for the concert! This time, HIGH ENERGY HEROES, will not be able to have a re-transmission of the live concert in MEXICO CITY due to time management problems, we were not able to arrange our staff to help assist in the concert process in MEXICO CITY.

But don't fret! The TYRANTS IN THERAPY special will be aired on MAY 30th, 2010, so be on the lookout for that!

Also it's not too late to catch the live concert! Our good friends at PUNTO DE ENERGIA RADIO will transmit the event live for the world to listen! HERE is the place to listen to it live starting at 5 PM PST on MAY 29th! Don't miss out on all the fun!


Here is the HIGH ENERGY HEROES show mixed by DJ FLASHBACK for the week of MAY 9th, 2010 . Artists featured in this mix include a special remix of Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" over an Italo Disco beat. Other artists include OBSESSION, MAX-HIM, LINDA JO RIZZO, KOTO, FUN FUN, GRANT MILLER & many more!

Includes a special MOTHER'S DAY TRIBUTE brought to you by BABY'S GANG!

mediafire link - download HERE

Saturday, April 17, 2010

As previously promised, the HIGH ENERGY HEROES Show is ready to bring you another round of MEXICAN ITALO DISCO by some familiar names ALEXANDER GC, DIGIMAX, ARNULFO VALLES, JUAN MAGALLON. (We included the "Dime Que Me Amas" by Juan Magallon in this mix). DJ FLASHBACK brings you another round of the HIGH ENERGY HEROES SHOW and since we've been absent for so long, we will post it on the blog before it even airs on the radio!

By the way, many of you have asked... Why the long wait?? Well, we recently upgraded our studio equipment. We just upgraded our Pioneer CDJ's to the 1000 MK3 series, as well as upgraded our rather old Technics SL 1200 MK2's for a pair of new MK5's and of course with new Ortofon Elektro headshells. Our studio monitors were also upgraded and new Dynamic Range Compressors were added to give HIGH ENERGY HEROES a more kick and 80s feel like if you were back in the nightclubs. The quality really makes a difference in the long run and especially with the new Pioneer DJM - 800 that replaced the 600, brings cleaner mixing for you guys!

Well, I'll let you guys witness and hear for yourself!

mediafire link - DOWNLOAD HERE

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hey friends of HIGH ENERGY HEROES, we apologize for taking so long in getting back at you! We've had some technical problems of our own and we also upgraded some of our equipment to bring you a better HIGH ENERGY - ITALO DISCO experience.

Many believe that the ITALO DISCO sound is dead, well here is to prove you wrong. You may remember the January 3rd, 2010 episode of HIGH ENERGY HEROES where we had all new ITALO DISCO sounds from Mexican DJs such as Arnulfo Valles and Juan Magallon. Here those two are at it again in this production titled "Dime Que Me Amas" (Tell Me That You Love Me) and honestly it has the catchy ITALO DISCO sound. Hopefully they are so kind to give us a copy of their acetate once released so we can spin it on HIGH ENERGY HEROES in the future. But for now, we leave you with the YouTube video "Behind The Scenes" if you will.

A big shoutout to our followes in Mexico and the whole community!
We will be back soon with a new mix of ITALO DISCO for you guys!